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This is a reminder that I post my policy-related work at The Innovation Files, the blog of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. Here are some recent IF posts


A Solution in Search of a Problem

The manufactured controversy over TV-on-demand through the Xbox 360 is more entertaining than enlightening.

botnet example

DNS Integrity in the Real World

Those who followed the SOPA and Protect IP copyright law debate in December and January will recall an argument raised by certain members of the tech sector to the effect that enlisting the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) in the fight against pirated goods would undermine Internet security.


Freeing Federal Spectrum

The NTIA released its report on clearing the 1755 – 1850 MHz spectrum of government allocations today, and it’s good news and bad news.


Spectrum Policy Collides with Competition Policy

Today’s Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights hearing on the proposed transfer of fallow spectrum from cable companies to Verizon sheds light on how poorly traditional competition policy fits the networking business.

  • Sam

    I really like “A Solution in Search of a Problem” I can relate to the blog. Been using xbox360 for more than a year now. been a fan of microsoft products. Great innovation with the kinnect and now going to release xbox720 with great technical hardware. I really cant wait!

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