Growing the Wireless Economy through Innovation

Tomorrow, April 18th, I’ll be testifying at a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation about mobile networking:  Growing the Wireless Economy through Innovation. This subcommittee is part of the Science Committee, one of the committees that delved into the LightSquared proposal. The focus of the hearing is going to be on the issues that impact the growth the mobile networks and apps marketplace, and in particular on the spectrum crunch. Witnesses have been asked to offer views on whether the spectrum crunch is real, on technologies that make spectrum available, and on research agenda.

I don’t want to give away my testimony in advance, so let’s just say I’m looking forward to a lively hearing with diverse viewpoints in play. Federal support for spectrum research is obviously an important issue going forward, as are more robust receivers and a more dynamic system for reassigning spectrum to new uses.


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