The impetus for creating Hightechforum.org was this simple fact:  Some of the most critical technology and telecommunications policy debates take place without the input of those most knowledgeable about the issues, and most affected by the outcomes.  Hightechforum.org is an open forum where such experts can offer their perspectives and opinions in a robust exchange of ideas.

Hightechforum.org is not wedded to any particular outcome.  It aims for a healthy debate – one that extracts the best thinking, wherever it falls along the spectrum.  As long as participants adhere to the terms of service, all voices are welcome.  Hightechforum.org solicits content from a variety of tech community participants, and invites members to exchange their thoughts in the comments section below each posting.

Hightechforum.org also offers a newsfeed, highlighting some of the most incisive news and commentary from both mainstream and new media sources.

Visitors are welcome to explore the website, and if you find you have something to add, please register and join the conversation.

Hightechforum.org is brought to you by Richard Bennett, a consultant, writer, and speaker with a thirty year background in network engineering. He contributed to the original Ethernet hub and Wi-Fi standards as well as the recent 802.11n and UWB standards. Richard advises regulators, lawmakers, and industry leaders on both sides of the Atlantic on networking standards and systems as an independent consultant and formerly as a Research Fellow at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation in Washington. The views he expresses on this blog are his alone and not those of any organization.