DOJ vs AT&T – A Pyrrhic Victory for Competition and Jobs

In stories and editorials, we are seeing cheering over the decision by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) suing to stop the AT&T and T-Mobile merger.  Fans see this as a victory…

September 2, 2011 4

Don’t Blame iPhone 4 Antennagate on AT&T

A lot of ink has spilled in the last week celebrating Steve Jobs, and deservedly so.  Jobs is undoubtedly one of the most influential geniuses of our time.  But Steve Gillmor…

August 29, 2011 0

iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 Available to Sprint

Apple’s iPhone 5 will not become a dual mode “world phone” that supports GSM and CDMA and will no longer be exclusive to the two biggest wireless carriers in the US….

August 24, 2011 1

AT&T T-Mobile Merger can Bring LTE to Rural America

In a redacted letter posted to the FCC website, AT&T explain how a merger with T-Mobile would bring LTE to rural America.  Specifically, the increased economies of scale would allow AT&T’s upcoming…

August 12, 2011 4

Having it Both Ways with the Telco Carriers

The Media and Democracy Coalition is objecting to the fact that AT&T and Verizon are streamlining their operations.  The opponents of the Telco carriers always seem to want it both…

August 11, 2011 2

The LightSquared Kerfuffle

We had a great discussion about the ugly problem of GPS interference last week and why it can’t be oversimplified.  Yesterday, venture capitalist Philip Falcone – a major financial backer of…

August 5, 2011 6

28 Years of American Cellular Phone Service

2013 will bring the 30th anniversary of cellular phone network in the United States.  This archive video about the launch of the Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS) from the early 1980s on AT&T’s tech…

June 15, 2011 5

Is Sprint Hypocritcal on Spectrum Hoarding?

Large carriers like AT&T have frequently been accused of spectrum hoarding.  In AT&T’s case, critics base their claims on the fact that the company has one of the largest holdings…

May 27, 2011 3

Skype to Kill Asterisk VoIP Integration

There are reports that Skype will no longer license Asterisk integration into Skype after June 26 2011 (confirmed by PCWorld)  Asterisk is one of the most popular open source software…

May 25, 2011 5

Will Skype really kill the cellular voice business?

Will Skype really kill the cellular voice business?

Since the announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, a lot of people are once again declaring the death of the cell phone company.  But people have been saying this for…

May 11, 2011 6