iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 Available to Sprint

Apple’s iPhone 5 will not become a dual mode “world phone” that supports GSM and CDMA and will no longer be exclusive to the two biggest wireless carriers in the US.  Both the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 will be available to Sprint.  In light of Sprint’s 15 year partnership and Sprint’s current talks to buyout ClearWire, with this announcement Sprint truly becomes one of the big boys in the wireless arena.

In a wireless market where smartphones and their respective platforms are increasingly driving sales, news of the iPhone becoming more available is a welcome development.  Even if the AT&T/T-Mobile merger comes through, consumers will have a choice between three dominant wireless carriers.  They will also get a choice of Google Android and Apple iOS, which are the two most dominant smartphone platforms in the world, in addition to offerings from Microsoft and RIM.


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