iPhone Buyers Complaining About Sprint 4G

Robert Graham says he’s the 18th person at his store to return his Sprint iPhone 4S for the following reason.

Credit: Robert Graham

While this is just one sample, it certainly isn’t looking good.  AT&T’s $19 billion dollar investment on its wireless infrastructure last year seems to be paying off.  Not all HSPA+ 4G networks are the same.

UPDATE 11/3/2011 – This might be a network performance bug with iPhone 4S on the Sprint network.

  • Richard Bennett

    Not only are all HSPA+ networks not the same, some networks aren’t HSPA+ at all. Sprint’s, for example, is an EvDO Rev. A network with a top end of ~3 Mbps.

    There have been rumors to the effect that Sprint was going to upgrade to EvDO Rev. B, which would bring them up to the neighborhood of 9Mbps down and 2Mbps up, but Sprint won’t confirm them.

    It seems that the blog you came across may not be representative of national performance on Sprint, so it’s misleading to suggest otherwise. You can’t generalize from one data point and a rumor about 18 others.

    If you’re interested in Sprint’s performance, I suggest you read the Sprint Community Message Board. There’s a long thread about the network problems that Sprint is trying to address nationwide. Nobody should take last week’s behavior as a permanent sign of things to come.

  • George Ou

    Thanks for the extra info, but it seems to confirm the smaller sample I provided.

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