Skype to Kill Asterisk VoIP Integration

There are reports that Skype will no longer license Asterisk integration into Skype after June 26 2011 (confirmed by PCWorld)  Asterisk is one of the most popular open source software…

May 25, 2011 5

Will Skype really kill the cellular voice business?

Will Skype really kill the cellular voice business?

Since the announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, a lot of people are once again declaring the death of the cell phone company.  But people have been saying this for…

May 11, 2011 6

Microsoft buys Skype

All Things Digital is reporting that Microsoft’s play to buy Skype for $8.5 billion has been confirmed.  The deal would likely bring interoperability between Skype and Windows Live Messenger but more…

May 10, 2011 2

Consumer Reports up to its Old Tricks

Once again, the intrepid consumer watchdogs at Consumer Reports are “exposing” a potential flaw with the iPhone antenna, this time on the Verizon model. If you cover the gap in…

February 26, 2011 0

Recent Smartphone Developments

Some very interesting things are happening in the smartphone “ecosystem” these days that bear watching, especially if you’re in line for an upgrade like I am. The Blackberry Bold that…

February 22, 2011 0

FCC Seeks Input on Dynamic Spectrum Access

As a prelude to proposing rules, the FCC is seeking comment on many issues related to dynamic spectrum access technologies, including how they can increase spectrum capacity and what the…

December 16, 2010 0

CTIA Report by the Numbers

The newly-released CTIA report on mobile networks reveals some interesting data. Summing the revenue data, the report says that US carriers have invested $295B in capital equipment and billed $1.4T…

December 14, 2010 2

Unclouded Vision

Abstract: The commercial reality of the Internet and mobile access to it is muddy. Generalising, we have a set of cloud service providers (e.g., Amazon, Facebook, Flickr, Google, Twitter, to…

August 26, 2010 1

Wireless Charging Plans

Wireless Charging Plans

Wireless operators have recently been plagued by the same type of problem Wireline operators have long experienced with P2P video downloads: 5% of users using 80% of the wireless bandwidth. However, in wireless, the problem is due to smart phone users who run high bandwidth applications like video, mapping, and the like. In addition, developers of attractive apps often use often using multiple flows to increase download speeds. These high capacity users push “normal” users into high loss, low throughput, bad response time service which tends to make them want to switch providers.

June 23, 2010 5