Video Over the Internet at SOTN

Tech Daily Dose’s Juliana Gruenwald has a story on the video panel at State of the Net:

One of the biggest concerns raised about the $30 billion merger related to its potential impact on the growing online video market. The conditions imposed by the FCC require Comcast-NBCU to provide other multichannel video programming distributors with access to any content that Comcast makes available online to its own subscribers; offer its video programming to “legitimate” online video distributors on the same terms and conditions available to multi-channel video programming distributors; and make its comparable programming available on “economically comparable prices” and conditions to an online video distributor that has entered into a deal to obtain programming from at least one of Comcast-NBCU’s peers.

Thierer said the conditions “foreshadow the rise of a compulsory license” for online video distribution.

Richard Bennett, a senior research fellow with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, agreed with Thierer that television-era regulations should not be transferred to online video distribution, saying mandates such as program carriage “are meaningless in a world where most content is delivered over the Net.”

You can see the whole thing on YouTube.

It seems to be that the key challenges for the transition of video delivery to the Internet are the things that relate to unicast transmission as opposed to traditional broadcast. In order to move from the broadcast model to a 100,000 times less efficient unicast model, the regional networks that bridge the gap between the Internet Exhanges and the last mile need to be re-engineered, that that costs money.