Top Ten List of the Top Ten Tech Lists…

Hightechforum has sorted through the blizzard of year-end analyses that are populating our favorite news sources.  We’ve rounded up the round-ups and top-tenned the top ten (or so).  Here you go …

  1. The 10 biggest tech ‘fails’ of 2010 (CNN)
  2.  ZDNet’s top 25 stories of the year
  3. Five most underreported stories of 2010(CNN)
  4. Busting Tech’s Top Ten Myths (CBS News) (Okay, not really a 2010 analysis, but a v good top ten list!)
  5. The top 10 higher-ed tech stories of 2010: No. 5(e-campus news)
  6. Bloomberg Interviews Mashable’s Pete Cashmore About Top Tech in 2010 [VIDEO]
  7. Digits Live Show: Top Mobile Trends of 2010
  8. 2010’s best tales from the tech trenches (Infoworld)
  9. Tech’s Biggest Win, Flop and Surprise of 2010(Mashable)
  10. The top 10 tech stories of 2010 (Infoworld)


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    Thanks! Good roundup!

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