The New Spectrum Caucus (and a new High Tech Forum project)

The new Congressional Spectrum Caucus announced today by U.S. Representatives Doris Matsui (D- CA) and Brett Guthrie (R-KY) is a most welcome development.  In his statement, Representative Guthrie said,”The caucus will attempt to educate our colleagues on the importance of spectrum policy and identify ways to increase access to and better utilize spectrum.”

From our perspective, the key word is “educate.”  As our regular readers know, spectrum is an issue we have addressed frequently on High Tech Forum.  It is typical of many tech/telecom issues – critically important yet complex, sometimes leading to misinformation and misunderstanding.

Since 2010 High Tech Forum has illuminated tech and telecom policy debates with perspectives of true technologists.  We believe there continues to be a vital need for education in the issues.

To that end, we will soon launch a new, stand-alone website, which will serve as a companion to High Tech Forum, and we believe a complement to other efforts, like that of Representatives Matsui and Guthrie.

High Tech Forum, under the editorial leadership of Richard Bennett, will continue to bring the voices of technologists to tech and telecom debates.  But while we publish educational content on High Tech Forum (we like to think all our content is educational), as a blog, it is intended to be responsive to events.

The new site will feature more evergreen content.  It will be an excellent venue for reporters, staffers, students, interested consumers, investors, and other laypeople who wish to be better informed on the technical side of telecom and tech policy debates.  Educational does not have to mean static or boring – the site will feature videos, podcasts, papers and infographics.  New voices will bring valuable expertise, and we will direct visitors to helpful outside resources.  The easy-to-navigate site will include materials on all major telecom issues – net neutrality, privacy, public safety, trade, taxes, Internet governance, piracy, monopoly law, emerging technologies, and – yes – spectrum.  The new site will exhaustively cover licensing, sharing, dynamic sensing, and auctions.

So keep your eyes peeled – more to come within the month!