Steve Largent on Spectrum

Steve Largent authored a piece in Politico a couple of days ago that is worth reading, if you’ve not had a chance (and I’m not just saying that because he quoted our fair editor).

He refuted recent arguments that suggest the spectrum crisis is exaggerated. Spectrum is “the key element to addressing the ‘hockey stick’ of demand we face in terms of usage, users and use. If there were a more effective solution, which would allow carriers to avoid spending billions of dollars at auction, our carriers would be deploying it.”

Quoting Richard, he adds, “if there were a cheaper solution that would perform in any spectrum bands, ‘any such company would rule the market for smartphone service in short order. … The reason this hasn’t happened is that it’s simply not possible with the technology we have today. … The communications industry has made steady progress toward improving radio efficiency for a hundred years. … but the constraints are very real.’”

Again, it’s all worth a read.