ICYMI – Excellent Piece on Wireless in U.S.

A couple of days ago, we linked to Richard’s piece in TechCrunch in which he did his usual thorough job laying waste to the arguments of Susan Crawford, et al, who bemoan the supposedly dismal state of broadband performance in the U.S.  Our readers will be similarly interested in a piece in Seeking Alpha. Contributor Armand Musey makes the point that, despite all the fretting (fashionable fretting!) about the state of broadband in the U.S., “the U.S. wireless industry is working reasonably well.”  He points out:

  • The U.S. has 608 MHz of spectrum allocated for licensed wireless broadband, an increase from 170 MHz seven years ago, better than everyone in the world, save Germany.
  • While everyone is gaga over Asia, even Japan and China are behind the U.S. in spectrum.
  • We also are winning on unlicensed spectrum.
  • The U.S. has seen a huge increase in investment in wireless, whereas Europe is seeing a decrease.  (This investment continues to go remarkably. well, unremarked!) 
  • We have 70% of the world’s LTE subscribers. Yes, the share will invariably drop, but it shows how far ahead we are.
  • U.S. also leads in satellite broadband and getting more competitive.  And we are the only country with Satellite Radio.
  • He also echoes the point so strangely ignored by Crawford and other naysayers.  Despite the above, we have the lowest pricing and highest wireless usage rates in the developed world.

Read it all, it’s worth it.

It is hard to understand why these points have not penetrated with the doomsayers. I suppose it is just to hard to accept the square peg of the reality not fitting into the round hole of their ideology.