Friday 5/6/2011 reading wrap-up

Malware coming to Macs? Ed Bott at ZDNet wrote this well reasoned article about why the malware industry will soon begin attacking Apple Macs.  Some are too quick to dismiss this as crying wolf, but they seem to be ignoring the substance of the article.  Bott makes the case that the automated malware generator underground software industry will soon begin offering cross platform malware capability because the Mac’s market share is rapidly rising.

Dean Bubley’s Disruptive Wireless: Is KPN about to hit the Net Neutrality “suicide button” in the Netherlands?Details are sketchy but Dutch wireless operator KPN may be considering charging end users for certain websites that reduce demand for services like SMS.  I’m not sure how KPN would pull this off without blocking those services that weren’t paid for by additional per-application fees that KPN would like to charge.  This isn’t some specialized device that was sold with the understanding that it is limited; this is mobile Internet service.


Silicon Valley flexes lobbying muscle in Washington – May. 4, 2011Tech companies are catching up to lobbying, but I wonder if they’ve figured out that this is a never ending quagmire to feed the dead hand of regulation.

House panel blast Sony on data breaches – Post Tech – The Washington PostWith testimony that Sony failed to patch vulnerable web servers that they were informed of for months, the US House of Representatives is blasting Sony for compromising the personal data of 100 million of its customers.


iPhone software update squashes location-data ‘bugs’ – CNN.comWith the new iPhone update, the iPhone will no longer store as much personal location data in the iPhone.  If location services are turned off, the iPhone will no longer store any data.

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