Delaware Internet as Fast as South Korea?

Akamai-Logo-Large-GLOBALGOODNETWORKS-645-305The Washington Post’s GovBeat blog has a nice summary of the latest “State of the Internet” report from Akamai. They’ve broken out US states and compared them to nations, a pretty fair move given that most states are larger than most countries. Contrary to what you may expect, the fastest US state, Delaware, has the same average peak connection speed as South Korea — a nation often cited as broadband nirvana (it’s 75.4 Mbps, by the way). At the top of the list, perpetual rivals Hong Kong and Singapore have traded places, but both average more than 80 Mbps.

Kudos to writer Niraj Chokshi for acknowledging Akamai’s advice that Average Peak Connection Speed is a better measure of broadband capacity than the more commonly cited Average Connection Speed; the latter measures fractional uses of the broadband pipe.