Big News Week

This is shaping up as a big week for news, what with the Net Neutrality oral arguments, Apple’s product announcement, Verizon’s Fire Island announcement and some other things that haven’t surfaced just yet. There’s going to be a lot to discuss when I get to my next stop, Paris.

I think the Verizon plan to install FiOS in Fire Island and other affluent seaside communities was inevitable, given the demographics, but it’s odd that modem support played such a big part in the discussion. It’s not hard to support a modem interface on even a 2G cellular network if one is so inclined, so that’s a weak argument to bring into the POTS transition.

UPDATE: It seems Gruber has the rationale for the iPhone 5c nailed: It’s not really a change of direction for Apple to offer a discount iPhone, they’ve been discounting the old models for years. What’s new about the 5c is simply the fact that it’s cheaper to build than the old iPhone 5, hence it’s a more efficient second tier model than last year’s iPhone. Now it remains to be seen whether the 5s is going to knock anybody’s socks off. I’m not impressed so far, but I haven’t done much digging.

MG Siegler, another Apple fan boy from the Gruber mode, is actually blown away by the colors on the iPhone 5c.

All that other news? Doesn’t matter, there are two new iPhones in one day.