High Tech Forum In-Depth “State of the Internet” Discussion with David Belson and Richard Bennett


BelsonHigh Tech Forum Founder Richard Bennett recently spoke with David Belson, the editor of Akamai’s“State of the Internet” reports, about Akamai’s most recent findings. SOTI is the most definitive data set and analysis of international broadband performance and emerging trends on the global Internet.

The report leverages Akamai’s global content delivery network infrastructure to assemble a well-informed view of broadband performance, connectivity, cyber-security trends and metrics, including Internet connection speeds, broadband adoption, mobile usage, outages, cyber-attacks and web security threats. Bennett refers to the “State of the Internet” report as his “go-to data set for doing international broadband comparisons.”

In this interview, Belson and Bennett discuss a wide range of topics, including the importance of the Internet’s ongoing transition to IPv6.  They also dig into data concerning average Internet speeds around the world and correlate that information to population demographics, rates of adoption, and innovation.

Belson on the report’s top point, “When we look at the top 10 countries that we see for IPV6 adoption 8 out of the 10 were from Europe which was surprising, I believe the other two were U.S. in Peru.” Bennett and Belson also discuss the misuse of Alkamai’s data by journalists who confuse peak and average speed ratings.

Want to know more? Listen to the full podcast above.