Why High Tech Forum Exists: Illustrated in One Blog Post

This post is a combination of the granular and the existential – with this specific blog posting, arguing against unrestricted auction in low-frequency spectrum – offering a perfect illustration of…

November 14, 2013 2

Unfit to Print

Spectrum policy is one of the most difficult policy issues that Congress has to deal with, and for that reason the Communications Act of 1934 established the FCC as a…

April 24, 2012 1

Low Versus High Radio Spectrum

Lower frequencies do offer advantages, but my view is that these advantages are often overstated. Most usage of mobile broadband networks will occur within higher population densities in which networks will have to be designed for capacity rather than coverage. In these scenarios, low and high frequencies offer almost equivalent performance.

March 5, 2012 10

Reports from NAB and CTIA Address Efficient Use of Spectrum

Recent contributions to the mobile broadband spectrum debate are reports from NAB and CTIA. Before reading them I envisioned writing a “dueling reports” piece, but they mostly complement each other….

May 15, 2011 3

Stanford-developed Transceiver Operates Full Duplex on a Single Channel, Reduces Network Bottlenecks

To avoid interference, wireless transceivers can switch between transmit and receive on one frequency (Time Division Duplex (TDD)). Or, they can transmit and receive at the same time on different…

March 3, 2011 0

Voice and LTE

Back when LTE first got started, all IP networks were all the rage in the cellular industry. People envisioned that all voice services would be provided over the IP network….

September 22, 2010 2

Wi-Fi on Crutches

The FCC recently announced that this month (September 2010) it will address the next step in its plans for unlicensed use of the TV whitespace (the portions of the TV…

September 8, 2010 30