Europe’s Broadband Woes

By any sensible measure, Europe is in the midst of a broadband crisis: The U. S. has opened a an enormous gap with the continent in terms of 4G/LTE mobile…

September 23, 2013 0

PPI’s Investment Heroes List

The Progressive Policy Institute (AKA “Clinton’s brain trust”) is on a roll. The latest memo in their “Investment Heroes: Who’s Betting on America’s Future” series lists the firms and sectors…

September 19, 2013 2

95% of America’s Young Adults Use Broadband at Home

The latest survey of America’s home broadband subscriptions by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project reveals some surprising trends that you probably haven’t heard before. The fact…

August 27, 2013 18

Microsoft’s Next Generation

There’s been a lot of buzz around Steve Ballmer’s announcement that he’s leaving Microsoft, and some interesting speculation about who his replacement might be. Anil Dash in particular made some…

August 26, 2013 0

Europe Promises More Than it Delivers

The long-awaited SamKnows study of European broadband speeds and promises is out, and it confirms what we suspected: broadband subscribers in Europe do not get the performance they pay for….

June 27, 2013 1

TechCrunch TV: Bennett v Feld on State of US Broadband

Don’t miss the debate between our fair editor Richard Bennett and Harold Feld on TechCrunch TV (charmingly titled “Does American Broadband Suck?”) Host Andrew Keen was intrigued by Richard’s recent…

June 11, 2013 0

Europe Lagging US in Broadband Investment

Interesting piece in Financial Times. The European telecoms sector is falling far behind the US in next-generation wireless services after years of investment shortfall, a development likely to hamper the…

May 30, 2013 0

Global Broadband Woes

The New York Times reports that broadband networks in Germany fail to deliver advertised speeds: BERLIN — A government study released Thursday supports what many German consumers have long suspected:…

April 11, 2013 0

The Whole Picture of American Broadband

I’m happy with the volume (if not necessarily the quality) of reaction to the report on the state of American broadband networks we just released this week at ITIF, The…

February 13, 2013 1

The Charlatan’s Cartels

OK, this is almost too easy to bother with, but I can’t help myself. Last week a former journalist with a book to sell wrote an Op-Ed for the New…

December 3, 2012 4