Om Malik Joins Richard Bennett on this HTF Podcast Edition

omOm Malik, the long time tech journalist, founder of Gigaom and current True Ventures partner, joins Richard Bennett in the latest edition of the High Tech Forum Podcast.

As the duo discuss the next generation of new technology ignited by Pokémon GO, they note the importance of advances in technology from the landline phone to the smartphone and then to the communication technologies of today and tomorrow.

When you stop thinking about it as a game and think of it as a platform, you see that “your real world map becomes a new kind of user experience. It is a new way of thinking about entertainment and reality,” Malik says regarding Pokémon GO.

Bennett says that that Pokémon GO is a perfect display of augmented reality, something he has been trying to explain for years.

“Great technologies have to be visible,” Malik tells Bennett. “You need to be thinking creatively and intelligently about everything.”

“There has been a lot of smoke on what to do on privacy,” Bennett says with regards to consumer privacy measures.

Malik responds: “If [privacy] wasn’t figured out with Google and Facebook – we should be thinking about it now. [Congress] should be pushing for harder rules. I just want more clarity on what is the bare minimum.”

Malik and Bennett also discuss a variety of advances from health technologies to the tech acquisitions of Uber and Verizon, and much more. Make sure to tune in for a leading venture capitalist’s perspective on Internet innovation.

Malik (@om) publishes the “Om Says” email newsletter and contributes to The New Yorker.