The Future of Wi-Fi: A HTF Conversation with Peter Rysavy

Peter Rysavy

Ever wonder if Wi-Fi will always be around? Or what the future of mobile will hold?

High Tech Forum founder Richard Bennett resumes his discussion with Rysavy Research founder and wireless engineer Peter Rysavy about the excitement around the coming 5G network and the future of Wi-Fi.

Bennett devised the first standard for the modern, scalable Ethernet and contributed essential parts of the current Wi-Fi standards. Therefore, the discussion around the future of Wi-Fi is particularly interesting. Bennett and Rysavy discuss how Wi-Fi will continue to provide consumers tremendous utility going forward. They argue that Wi-Fi will not fade, even after the widespread deployment of 5G networks.

Rysavy notes, “5G will not be a rip-and-replace network over 4G LTE.” The 5G systems will be designed to integrate and cooperate with existing LTE systems and LTE will be around for a long time. “It is hard to convey just how excited the engineering community is about 5G,” Bennett comments.

Wireless networking truly is transformational. The network will be a viable alternative to the wireline network.

Rysavy advises that good authentication and encryption of communication will help to secure future internet networks; however, the biggest risk is in the internet protocols, which were never designed for the range of applications available today. And the only way to fix this is to redesign the internet to be more secure.

Part I of Bennett’s conversation with Rysavy titled, “5G: A Dynamic, Flexible Future Network” is available on HTF and iTunes.