Streams are Fundamental to Internet Management

Last week, I criticized a blog post by the Center for Democracy and Technology for its failure to regard packet streams as an important component of the Internet: CDT’s decomposition of Internet data…

February 16, 2016 0

Does Netflix Have Amnesia?

I’m paying for Netflix and I’m paying for Internet connectivity, why do I care if they pay each other for faster service? Actually why aren’t they? In our instant gratification…

August 8, 2014 0

Improving Federal Spectrum Systems

Last Friday, the Information Economy Project (a project of the George Mason University School of Law and Clemson University) held the best little spectrum conference Washington has seen this year….

April 30, 2014 0

What is Masa Son talking about? (Part 1: Device-Limited LTE speed)

On Tuesday, March 11th, Sprint Chairman Masa Son gave an interesting and exciting speech on the benefits of merging Sprint with T-Mobile that relied on some rather dramatic empirical claims….

March 12, 2014 4

A Broader Vision for Wireless 9-1-1

Before working in public policy, I was a Silicon Valley technology developer. When they learn this, people often ask me if I’m frustrated by the slow pace of policy. I…

February 12, 2014 0

Presenting the Technical Facts – High-Band vs. Low-Band Spectrum Deployment in Today’s Spectrum-Constrained Environment

It’s said so often that many have accepted it as a truism: “Low-band spectrum is inherently superior.  High-band is inferior, undesirable and expensive.” This is one of things that everybody…

February 5, 2014 5

Is a Sprint/T-Mobile Merger in the Cards?

The telecom press is hopping with speculation that Sprint is preparing to make a move on T-Mobile, thanks to an article in the Wall St. Journal: Sprint is studying regulatory…

December 17, 2013 0

Panel Predictability Scorecard

Last time, I made predictions about the remarks I expected to hear at NAF’s panel on the spectrum incentive auctions with a promise to score the results, so here you…

December 16, 2013 0

Handicapping New America’s Spectrum Auctions Event

Thursday the 21st, the New America Foundation’s Wireless Future Project is holding a policy forum on the question of spectrum caps in the upcoming (next year or the year after)…

November 18, 2013 0

Qu’ils mangent de la brioche?

As the sun rose this morning, America’s broadband policy wonks were greeted with news that the Open Technology Institute is about to bless us with a new addition to their…

October 28, 2013 9