5G: A Dynamic, Flexible Future Network

5G: A Dynamic, Flexible Future Network

Peter RysavyIn this High Tech Forum podcast edition, High Tech Forum founder Richard Bennett talks with Rysavy Research founder Peter Rysavy about 5G, spectrum, and how consumers will benefit from wireless network innovation.

In this discussion, Rysavy explains that 5G will have immensely more capacity than today’s networks. He explains that future mobile broadband could be a wireline replacement. He notes that the 5G network is “being redesigned from the ground up,” will support a larger range of applications vital for the Internet of Things, and will “permeate our lives and economy.”

Due to increased network capacity, lower delay, and higher data speeds provided by 5G technology, Rysavy explains that the cost per gigabyte of data will gradually decrease over time and may provide consumers with the opportunity to cut the cord to cable TV and wired broadband connections. In favor of wireless connections. Rysavy declares this will be a “significant change to how we consume entertainment,” with future television and broadband cord cutting due to mobile improvements.

Bennett and Rysavy continue their conversation by discussing the upcoming spectrum incentive action, the types of spectrum Verizon and AT&T are expected to look for in the auction, and what two companies are expected to build out spectrum for a high capacity network. Rysavy believes the lower frequency spectrum may not be as valuable as originally thought.

Make sure to listen to the podcast to hear the full discussion about what Rysavy calls a “flexible, dynamic network” and much more.