What we’re reading: 1/28/11

What we’re reading: 1/28/11

Will data warehousing survive the advent of big data? (O’Reilly Radar) Reid, Key Chairmen Pledge to Push Cybersecurity (National Journal) FCC’s “AllVid” Regulation of Video Devices All Wrong (Free State…

January 28, 2011 0

Has the FCC Created a Stone Too Heavy for It to Lift?

After five years of bickering, the FCC passed an Open Internet Report & Order on a partisan 3-2 vote this week. The order is meant to guarantee that the Internet…

December 24, 2010 1

Traffic Management and the Common Framework

We’ve been writing a lot about Internet traffic management here, and lo and behold the common framework for Internet regulation unveiled today by Google and Verizon deals with the subject…

August 9, 2010 0