Shane Tews interviews HTF Founder on 5G and the Future of Networking

High Tech Forum Founder Richard Bennett recently sat down with Shane Tews, chief policy officer at 463 Communications, a firm that advises high-tech organizations on Internet policy. Tews also works…

July 28, 2015 0

John Cioffi, the Father of DSL

Stanford Professor John Cioffi is world-renowned for his contributions to networking: He invented DSL, VDSL and Vectored DSL, and his work has led to more than 400 publications and more than…

July 15, 2015 0

Fred Baker, Cisco Fellow

HTF Editor Richard Bennett spoke with Cisco Fellow Fred Baker about his thoughts on networking technology, security, and the intersection between law enforcement requests and what is actually doable within…

July 1, 2015 0

Dave Farber, Grandfather of the Internet

DAVE FARBER IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST distinguished computer scientists, with a career that includes enormous contributions to the field of networking and computer science. Recently, HTF Founder Richard Bennett sat down with Farber to discuss his career and his thoughts on the future of computing and where the Internet is going.

June 15, 2015 0