Augmented Reality in Business

Our ability to take advantage of information age technologies has always been limited by our means of interacting with programs, computers, and networks. For most of the high tech era,…

December 13, 2016 0

Part 2: Does America Need a National Broadband Research Agenda?

This is a continuation and conclusion to a post from last week on the broadband research agenda proposed by the Obama Administration. We left off with the example of “multihoming”…

October 18, 2016 0

Happy Birthday, Internet: Richard Bennett talks with Don Nielson

The Internet was born 40 years ago in a demonstration connecting a wireless node in California with all the computers on ARPANET. Listen to the godfather.

August 26, 2016 0

India Issues Net Neutrality Report

After taking comments from interested parties (including your faithful correspondent), India’s Department of Telecommunications has issued a committee report outlining a high-level approach. The report spends most of its time…

July 21, 2015 0

Networks on Demand: The Promise of Software-Defined Networking

This is an exciting time for the Internet. You already know some of the reasons for this: Internet use is shifting from desk-potato systems and applications to mobile ones; mobile…

June 4, 2015 0