Experimental Radio Applications at the FCC

This summarizes a selection of applications for the Experimental Radio Service received by the FCC during March 2011. These are related to VHF propagation, satellite communications, TV white space, military…

April 15, 2011 0

Smartphone data explosion and spectrum

A recent report on the mobile spectrum crunch (PDF) by Rysavy research and MobileFuture highlighted the urgent need for wireless spectrum to avoid a potentially stagnant mobile broadband market due…

April 11, 2011 6

The Internet’s First Turning Point

Watching today’s House debate on net neutrality and discussing Internet architecture in a meeting today reminded me that the Internet’s history is very poorly understood, if it’s understood at all….

April 8, 2011 3

Signal boosters causing some of AT&T’s dropped calls

AT&T has been getting hammered in the press lately for a new wireless customer survey from ChangeWave on dropped cell phone calls.  But in a company policy blog posting, AT&T…

April 7, 2011 0

The irrational infatuation with a la carte TV

I’ve personally never liked the idea of metered Internet service or even small usage caps, but I came to terms with it because different usage tiers means lower broadband prices and higher broadband…

April 5, 2011 2

Misunderstanding Moore’s Law

Tom Evslin, the former head of AT&T’s dial-up Internet services unit in the 1990s, has written a blog post for CircleID that mistates Moore’s Law’s application to networking. There’s a…

April 4, 2011 6

Now they want Device Neutrality?

Jeff Lawrence, the CEO of PlayOn, wants to add yet another definition to the list of government protected industries in the catch-all concept of “Net Neutrality”.  PlayOn wants to add…

April 1, 2011 4

AT&T and T-Mobile – Interpreting the Spin

AT&T and T-Mobile have collected their press release and associated documents on one web site. A few points caught my eye. “AT&T is now burning through 10 MHz of spectrum…

March 30, 2011 0